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  Our wooden constructions are crafted from the finest wood, with years of knowledge and experience. Pine Wood is known for its unique qualities, including many characteristics that promote healthy living. Pine Wood ages slowly, thus it is a strong and durable building material. It contains essential oils and resin. It gives the wood natural resistance to fungi and insects.

  All our wood is kiln-dried. This improves dimensional stability, strength and appearance. Our wood is a unique type of wood for color and quality. It is used especially for the production of buildings and all types of wooden constructions.

  Our company is pleased to offer you high-quality products from environment friendly high-graded wood. All the products are made of hi-tech equipment from leading manufacturers. Our carpenters are highly qualified with years of experience. Our structures has a long lifetime, painted/treated with 5 coats of chemicals which give it excellent resistance against water, insects, Fungi, flame and UV rays.

Our services are based on the specific needs and desires of the customers and the environment we built in. All your wishes will be realized by our craftsmen.