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About us

Newcastle was established in the year 2014 in the United Arab Emirates. We expertise in wooden construction and have successfully accomplished a community chain all over emirates, which covers all the sectors of construction from the private island, farmhouses, desert, wide area, mid-rise, and high-rise residential developments and evolving to commercial buildings and resorts having a tourism approach on the scale. 

Our strong outlook to have a unique and targeted product that has the standard-bearer in luxury and Heritage, and our ability to provide value for the structure by carefully balancing the modern and traditional architecture is what makes us stand out from the rest.  

By following the color palette reflecting the shades of Arabian culture, we let everyone experience our effortless journey of construction, which enables you to enjoy the healthiest way of construction with your families, friends, and communities, thereby making you craft happy, lifelong memories. 

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Explore the best construction of harmony.


Newcastle is known for the quality service and commitment to work, by taking the responsibilities of successful day-to-day operations by the quality management team. It is our policy to practice the principles of Quality Management by all our employees, by constantly monitoring and reviewing the processes and procedures, to ensure continued effectiveness and suitability through continuous improvement. 

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