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Save Up to 50% of you money 


                                                        - Bought you by Newcastle. 


Newcastle uses freshly kiln-dried pine white woods from Russia. Pinewoods come with natural benefits and sustainability. We deliver it as natural as it is, our coats of protection are added to make it more sustainable. 

Our wood quality is certified as per international standards with top-grade details and alive knots. 

Alive knots release the resin (gum) balance the natural preservative that seals the knots and prevents the sap from seeping out. Alive knots usually appear lighter in color enhancing the wooden texture. 

Resin is a clear translucent semi semisolid substance of plant origin that contains more than 85 trace minerals, vitamins, fulvic acid, and other essential oils and Phyto-nutrients. This is how it contributes to better health and vitality. 


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“The beauty of the nature to be experienced raw”

Beautiful painters gifted from mother nature leaving its traces on the timber and turning the pine into precious like the color of amber. The pinewood has the most natural way of absorbing the sun and tanning into golden color hence we called the pine "THE TIMBER OF GOLD". 



Planned harvesting is followed by the forestay optimal planning of wood harvesting in Russia. The results of the project are publicly available and widely disseminated. Utilization of the achieved results in practice would improve the productivity of harvesting operations, Maling it human and environmental safety. The project’s results would facilitate harvesting and use of energy wood in Russia which could result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Cost-Efficient: The cost of materials typically makes up the most significant portion of the construction budget, especially for large commercial properties. Luckily, there are several ways that mass timber construction methods can help cut these costs dramatically: Wood is cheaper than steel and concrete requires fewer materials and needs smaller foundations. Wood is plentiful, renewable resource, and because of its availability, it’s a much cheaper building material than steel or concrete.  



Time-saving: Wooden construction saves up to 95% of your time of construction  

The speed of the build is quicker with wood. A timber frame can be partly pre-cut, modulated, and built to precision making build time much quicker than for a brick build. Time is also saved since less building debris is around too clear. Timber-framed buildings are far quicker to erect than brick or stone buildings. A quicker build time clearly saves time and money for both domestic and commercial property owners. Building with timber is also a less specialized and expensive skill

The Time

A healthy environment is a key for a happy living in wooden houses improves your heart rate and reduces your stress, it builds and repairs healthy tissues with natural performance enhancer and energizer which encourages rejoiceful interaction and mainly improves your immune system and prepares our body to fight with all kind of unhealthy bacteria's.  

1.Improving mental clarity, memory, and concentration 

2.Promoting emotional stability and feelings of well-being 

3.Increasing the ability to tolerate environmental, mental, and emotional stress 

4.Slowing the aging process 

5.Improves your bone and gives you a rapid recovery of rheumatism disorder  

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Wood is a natural isolator and very effective in isolating cold and heat its changes in properties according to the climates. Compared to concrete buildings wooden construction is more time-saving and less disposal of waste which leads the way to healthy and eco-friendly construction of production and habitation. 

The best way of construction  

Woods are the air natural purifier that observes carbon dioxide compared to concrete buildings which cost you your health like the scar in your lungs and lead to silicosis, which is associated with chronic wheezing, arthritis, cancer, and reduced life expectancy. 

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Safety And Quality Assurance. 











"Newcastle's has always been one step ahead in serving lives the technical support by assuring the safety of our customers, our essential techniques lead to higher levels of quality and safety."   

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What Is Kiln-Dry? 

Kiln drying is a first step for bringing all the wood products to moisture content levels that will be subject to minimal moisture-related damage. Kiln-dry operation controls the environmental changes that can cause damage to woods. And specialized to with stand the temperature changes, humidity, and steam levels for the long period of time. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying. 

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Resin is known as healing gum secreted by wood. Resins are known for protective benefits in response to layers. The resin Realises natural essential oils which acts like an antibacterial and protect the wood from insects and carry many health benefits that reduce eczema.  

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An eco-friendly wood preservative chemical is applied on the boards that stop the broad microbiological activity spectrum biocide, which inhibits the growth of algae and against blue stain fungi, brown-red fungi, and wood-destroying insects. The degree of protection is achieved on preservative used and the proper penetration and retention of the chemicals, our operations are monitored by the chemical expertise management.   



Fire Retardant Varnish is an intumescent varnish design for the fire protection of wooden constructions for fire resistance up to class B-1 according to German standard DIN 4102-1 or to class B/s1/d0 according to the new European standard EN-13501-1/2007. Wooden construction, protected with this varnish, will build up a foam har when fire attacked, and wood becomes too non-flammable material (not burnable) 

Water Foam


Bitustick is a self-adhesive polymer modified bituminous, waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated onto a tough HDPE film on one side and a silicone release film on the other. Bitustick conforms to the requirements of BS 8102. 

the other. Bitustick conforms to the requirements of BS 8102. 

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